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Are you searching for help to analyze and identify the best opportunities in the real estate business? Are you in need of a company with great knowledge in the real estate market? Are you looking for the best team with a vision towards the future and the best lawyers to give you support to a good investment with total safetyness during your transaction?

If so, you can count on MERKATOR!

We are aware that every real estate transaction requires very much attention. That is why we provide an efficient mediation, through different skills that will help you getting what you need and more.

For 30 years MERKATOR has been working in the real estate market combining tradition with modern administration system so that we can guarantee high levels of efficiency through properly qualified professionals and the most creative solutions you can think of.

It is not by chance that MERKATOR has been considered a company with an outstanding performance within this highly competitive market. Our target is always to excell in order to provide complete satisfaction to the most perfectionist client.

With the purpose of giving you all that you need, MERKATOR has a team of experts who are highly qualified and prepared to go beyond your expectations.

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